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 Who has the best strategy for NOOBS

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PostSubject: Who has the best strategy for NOOBS   Fri Mar 24, 2017 3:29 am

Commanders, although they won't admit it, we have some rookies in our midsts.  But in the end, as long as they're in our guild they need to know the best strategy and tactics to annihilate their opponents. So don't be shy, if you have a great deck strategy with a certain leader, feel free to post it and enlighten the unenlightened. Share the wisdom!!! (TheMuffinMan just secretly wants your decks)
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PostSubject: Re: Who has the best strategy for NOOBS   Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:15 am

Right so firstly I'd like to make a point about game mechanics.
When the energy charges to 10 it overcharges by one point so I like to wait a couple of seconds before playing my first card some  of the time the opposition will play as soon as they hit 10 this allows you to play a slow unit in the back and have the first contact within range of your tower providing you an instant energy advantage.

This game is all about energy try to keep track of how much energy the opposition are laying down and use less to counter them providing you more energy to push for victory, I always try to put at least one value card to my deck such Ion mines or Tie fighters these are brilliant for taking out swarms and earning a great energy advantage.

And now a breakdown of a couple of my favorite decks:
The mean blue killing machine, Thrawn is my favorite character on swfa I have a pretty good win rate and he's kind of broken the game for me I struggle to play other leaders now. You'll want to play this Blue dude very passively he gets stronger the longer he is alive so try to commit to pushes unless you've killed the enemy leader, keep Governor P going as long as possible defending gaining that energy advantage and then push for victoy using his skill to boost your troops on to victory.

Governor Pryce (unique): P is your lady what she lacks in DPS and health she makes up for by randomly giving you one energy when I have P in play I try to hang back let my units do the work unless the enemy leader is down.

MTV-7 Light Vehicle: This is your main tank pushing unit melts tower you just need to protect it from hordes with some AOE I try to always make sure I have a dewback in front of it.

Dewback Trooper: Nice Tanky AOE unit slow but dangerous, I like to have this in my starter hand if I get this and Governor P I'm a happy man play it at the back preferably after they play there first hand giving you an instant advantage by controlling the battle within you half just remember tanks will melt through them so take those tanks out fast. Also useful for leading pushes to take some of the damage for my light vehicle and clearing the path to the turret

Bladesmen: Anti tank unit great value card melts through tank just be mindful of AOE make sure you take out any Grenadiers that might be lurking behind the tank before dropping them in, they also make a pretty good leader killer card especially that pesky Cassian that we seem to be Facing a lot lately.

Storm Trooper:Your minions to be sacrificed in battle for the good of the Empire use them mainly for supporrting pushes and as distraction the enemy pushes

Tie Fighter:One of the most important cards in this deck it helps us to gain an energy advantage and is useful for both defense and offence. In a defensive situation its used to clear swarms and take out units behind Rebel tanks so you can drop your Bladesmen down and melt that tank. In offense it is used to clear defending units so your push can get to the tower and killing those pesky Engineers trying to undo all you hard work.

Repair Droid/Turret: I tend to switch this last slot between the Repear Droid and the Turret depending on what I seem to be facing if I'm getting a lot of Cassians I play the engineer because you cannot make Cassians 9.5 range tank target your Turret and be within range of you base Turret. The engineer can be useful to play at the start to cycle to Dewback or P to control the opening play it also forces the opponent to play AOE to kill it giving you an opportunity to push. The turret is great defensive tool (if your not playing Cassian) play it next to the tower so that enemy units target it first but are within range of the tower this gives you a massive energy advantage allowing you to swarm the enemy and push for victory
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PostSubject: Re: Who has the best strategy for NOOBS   Wed Apr 05, 2017 2:20 pm

Agree with everything Beerforce says. In addition look at the legendary card special abilities and align your deck with them.

For example Sabin Wren gives 20% boost to explosive units. Granadier is a must. I also like to add the Stun Grenade, and GNK Droid. These will also receive the bonus along with the Mortar Turret.

Happy Hunting!
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PostSubject: Re: Who has the best strategy for NOOBS   

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Who has the best strategy for NOOBS
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