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 Han Deck- Pre Update

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PostSubject: Han Deck- Pre Update   Fri Apr 07, 2017 11:04 am

NOTE: This deck was before the last update, but I'm still using it in 2s and it's working well.

Everyone seems to have decent Imp decks so I thought I'd share a rebel one.  I have a decent Cass one, but when I'm not using that I've had good success with this Han Deck:

Han- Shoots and kills stuff. Repeats.  Drop your charges near your turrets if defending against melee, or heck even run up and stick it at someone's feet if you have good cover.

Chewie- This pimp is a tank. Sneak him up the side backed with troopers or path finders and knocking out a turret is fairly easy.  Additionally, defend by slapping him near your turret that's getting schwacked.  Can buy you some time with his distract ability.  BONUS POINTS- freezing everyone in place to fry them with the mine.  Side note- before I had Chewie (took me forever to finally get him) I just used a Wookiee. They aren’t as good, but cheaper and still take a beating.

Drop Pod- Good for backing up pushes when the bad guys are distracted, or my favorite is dropping them on almost dead leaders to either kill or make them scramble.

Ion Mine- I've been using this on defense a lot by dropping in front of my turret and having the bad guys walk through it, but also great for taking out repair droids that keep undoing your progress on their turrets.

Blaster Turret- Sticking it directly (very close) in front of turret is nice so both the main turret and this can take out incoming.  Use to redirect ATST's or even distract little guys if you can't get to them fast enough.  Good, cheap all around fun.

Grenadier- Don't put this guy right in the middle of your wolf pack. Bring him up the middle or start him behind everyone.  Keep him safe.  Usually good for taking out bladesmen.  Typically can get two 'nades off on a pair of bladesmen before they slice him up which will pretty much kill them.

Path Finders- I like to keep them close to Chewie or Han and help absorb while still dealing decent damage.

Rebel Troopers- lemmings to use where ever you need to slow things down.

General note- don't pack everybody all up in one space otherwise you're blown to bits. This deck doesn't have a tank (besides Chewie) or bantha to absorb tons of damage so don't lose everyone in one bomb or strafing run.  I like to split my guys up the middle and down one side since these are all ranged units. Prevents instant death while still being able to support each other.
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Han Deck- Pre Update
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